It Takes A Village

We have been absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the support we've received from our community!  If you'd like to join in and help us successfully launch our cookbook and open our own restaurant, please choose what option(s) work best for you!

Pre-order a rough-draft version of my Cajun Vegan Cookbook ($10)!

This version will be printed on standard paper and will look like I made it at home (because that's probably what will happen).  Once the official version is released, you will receive a discount code as a big fat "thank you" for helping!  I will not be making money off these rough-draft versions, so all I ask is that you provide feedback on the content!  Tell me:

Which recipes you love, and which ones you don't

How to make the recipes easier

Your opinion on formatting, photos, and general content

Suggestions on other recipes you'd like to see

and other general feedback!

I expect to have these ready in October, and shipping is included in the purchase price of $10.  Having people review this before I print the official version will help me IMMENSELY!  Thank you so much for your support!

To purchase, please click here!


Social Media Promo Team

Social Media Promo Team

Cookbook recipe testing and feedback