Interested in fundraising with us?

We love supporting your missions! Let us help your school, sports team, or non-profit organization through our fundraising program hosted at our restaurant in North Hollywood. Have questions? Scroll down to view our FAQs, or email


Fundraising FAQs

  1. I don’t have a federal tax ID number — what do I do? If your organization is registered with the IRS, it will have a federal tax ID number. If you are not able to locate your federal tax ID number, feel free to contact your treasurer, finance person, national office, or anyone in your organization that may have access to this information.

  2. How long does it take to receive my check after the fundraiser? Our checks take about 30 days to process and are then sent via U.S. mail. Checks will typically arrive between 30-45 days once your fundraiser is complete.

  3. I want to have the check made out to me directly instead of an organization. We are unable to write checks to individuals, only to organizations. We ask for your organization’s federal tax information in order to verify everything and ensure we can write you a check after your fundraiser.

  4. Can we promote at the restaurant? All promotion must be done ahead of time and not in our restaurant or on the premises to our regular customers. Violating this policy may result in your fundraiser being cancelled.

  5. Can we have a table at the restaurant or share information about our cause? We are thrilled to support your organization with our fundraiser, but we won’t be able to accommodate tables, donation jars, decorations, or distribution of information. We need to do everything in our power to be the very best neighbors to our surrounding businesses, and also ensure that we are making those guests who are not dining with us in conjunction with your fundraiser feel at home and unsolicited.

  6. What do people have to do in order to have their purchase count? In order for your purchase to count towards your fundraiser, your supporters must either a) verbally tell our cashier of their participation, b) show a physical fundraiser flyer, c) show a digital flyer on a smartphone or other mobile device.

  7. Can my online order be counted towards the fundraiser? Online or in-app orders cannot be counted towards fundraisers. This is communicated on partner emails as well as fundraiser flyers to avoid confusion for our partners and their supporters. The only way that orders will be counted towards the fundraiser is if they are ordered and paid for in-store during fundraiser hours.

  8. Do we need staff or team members from our organization there to facilitate or work the fundraiser? We don’t need staff or team members to be there during the fundraiser to facilitate, however, keep in mind that you do need your supporters to show up and tell our cashiers that they’re there supporting the fundraiser (which is how your group raises funds for the event). The more money spent by your supporters, the more you receive back!