Comments from Focus Group on 03-23-16


  • I'm sensitive to spiciness, but it's not *too* spicy!
  • Rice could be softer, seemed a little crispy
  • Very flavorful, a little spicy for wimps 
  • A little salty
  • Good subtle flavor, nice mild heat but i'd love a bit more heat and stronger seasoning.  Liking it more each bit I take, and I got seconds
  • Spice level is perfect, not too spicy but with a little kick
  • Could use more beans
  • Seemed slightly underdone
  • Super flavorful, perfect amount of spice and moisture
  • loved the sauce on top


  • Great! 
  • Didn't like the sausage in the jambalaya (seemed hard)


  • So creamy :) Would like a little more spice, unless it's not supposed to be spicy?
  • I'm with it! Could use more "stuff" like meat, veggies, etc
  • Really liked it
  • Tasted like Campbells cream of mushroom, lacked flavor/texture
  • Not a fan, tasted like mushroom gravy without much flavor (least favorite of all dishes). Didn't like the overall consistency; wanted it to taste and feel richer
  • okra cooked perfectly
  • Would like larger chunks of sausage, maybe add vegan seafood


  • Love it!
  • Wasn't too dry (the problem with most cornbread I encounter) and wasn't too soft!
  • Moist, proper level of sweetness.  Would be good with butter
  • Liked it
  • Perfect, super fresh
  • great taste but could be more buttery, was slightly dry but if served with gumbo the moisture level is perfect


  • SO good!!!  Would like to have dipping sauces
  • too dense and oily, was hoping for a crispier outside and lightly fluffier inside
  • good flavor and crunch

Collard Greens

  • Complimented the jambalaya well
  • Cooked well but needs more salt/seasoning
  • More smokiness 
  • great flavor
  • tastes a little healthy
  • wanted a bacon or sausage flavor on these to make me crave more of it

Restaurant Comments

  • Would like a sit-down restaurant (like Sage), not as casual as chipotle
  • Alcohol is necessary
  • Would love as a fast casual restaurant 
  • Yes alcohol!
  • Vegans need more fast casual where they can bring non-vegan friends.  your food would fit the bill
  • Food trucks are hard to follow, would prefer a restaurant
  • Definitely serve alcohol or BYOB
  • Sell packaged goods/products in the restaurant
  • Would like it veggie grill-style, food truck, or fast casual
  • Needs good parking and make the look stand out

Would like to see:

  • Beignets (x's 2)
  • Boxed mixes (jambalaya)
  • Pecan Pie
  • Would buy mixes, would be great after a long day of work
  • red beans and rice
  • banana pudding
  • signature hot sauce
  • Mac and cheese
  • Poboys (artichoke?) 
  • Crawfish/seafood
  • Etouffee
  • Cajun spices for sale

Other Comments

  • Overall, big fan of everything
  • Everything 100%, don't change anything
  • Make dinner plates large with a good price
  • Your food has heart
  • Sauces are key
  • Make sure you have happy people working with you