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Q: "Why don't you serve seafood?  It's not meat."

A: If it had a mom, it's meat!

Q: Can you provide allergen information?

A: For some items, yes! In cases where we do not have full nutritional profiles available, we will do our best to give you the information that you are seeking. Please e-mail info@Krimseys.com for more information. 

Q: "Is your food Kosher?”

A: Not officially. Although we are “nearly” Kosher, we will never be certified, because those certifications require that we be closed during Shabbat (Friday night - Saturday night), which we are obviously not. But if that doesn’t bother you, come on through!

Q: What's the difference between Cajun and Creole?

A: Short answer - Cajuns don't use tomatoes.

 Long answer - Cajuns and Creoles are really two distinct groups of people, so it's no surprise that the cuisines are also different.  The Creole people are more of a "melting pot" blend of people such as Native Americans, French, Germans, West Africans, etc. while the Cajun people were originally French Canadians who settled across the bayou.

Today, Cajun food is seen as more country/rural cuisine while Creole food is considered to be more sophisticated.  Fine by us--we don't even try and pretend to be fancy.  

Q: Can I open a franchise?

A: At this time, we are not a chain restaurant and will likely stay that way! One of the things that we believe makes Krimsey’s special is our organizational structure and the environment that we cultivate through love, support, and Good Voodoo. Releasing our business for sale is not likely to produce the same results as we currently produce beneath our core team of special leaders.   

Q: "Bacon."

A: That's not a question, but thanks for reaching out!  So original :)

Q: "What you’re doing is just WRONG, and it’s not real Cajun Food. Stay in California, Louisianians hate you and you suck!"

A: Again, that’s not a question, but thanks for reaching out! As a Louisianian myself, I can say that not 100% of us hate me, because it that were true, I’d hate myself (and I don’t). We are sorry to hear that you are so upset by our use of plant-based foods to create delicious, authentic Cajun dishes. Maybe if you had one of our Hushpuppies or a delicious bowl of Okra Gumbo you’d change your mind! ;) Much love XOXO


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