This month's Cheeky Craft Project: "Succulent my Life"

Join us as we let our inner children play.  There will be an assortment of jars, succulents, knick-knacks, sand, dirt, toys, rocks, and other miscellaneous supplies for you to play with and assemble your own succulent scene!  However, this won't be your average succulent assembly line.  Think dinosaurs...rainbows...glitter.  We encourage you to be childish and weird, because being an adult is hard and sometimes we need a break!    

Your registration fee of $20 covers:

  • Everything you need to make this craft (glassware/jars, sand, rocks, toys, paint, glitter, knick-knacks, etc!)  We will have tons of materials for you to play with and choose from. 
  • Succulent(s)
  • Use of crafting tools (hot glue, string, scissors--you know).
  • 20% off all food/drinks at Krimsey's during the event
  • Free chicory coffee and tea while you craft

BYOB to make this night extra spicy.


WHAT IS "Krim de la Kraft?"

On the last Tuesday of every month, join us for "Krim de la Kraft!"  We will do some sassy crafts and enjoy each other's company! Your entry fee of $20 covers the cost of supplies plus free homemade tea and chicory coffee during the stitching session.  You are also welcome (and encouraged) to BYOB for sipping during our kraft session!  All food purchases are 20% off for participants during the event!

Sessions are limited to the first 8 people.  To reserve your spot, please email with the date you are interested in joining!