Park your art

Krimsey’s is a community space full of good vooodoo, and what better way to enhance that than through original, local art on display from our friends and guests? All artists are welcome to apply—no matter your age, skill level, medium, or the size of your piece! We love them all!

If selected, your art piece will be displayed in our restaurant for up to 12 weeks along with your bio and a description of the piece! Should you choose to offer your art for sale, 100% of proceeds will go directly to you. We do not take any percentages or fees. We love our artists!


What types of art do we accept?

All mediums, so long as they work well with our space! In order to retain the authenticity of our Cajun environment, we only accept art pieces that compliment our ambiance and decor.

Submission Guidelines & Rules

  • If selected, you will be asked to provide a short bio on yourself to hang next to your piece.

  • All artwork must be delivered to Krimsey’s in a framed and professional manner, ready to hang. Any special hardware required for hanging must be supplied by artist.

  • In order to retain the authenticity of our Cajun space, we only accept art pieces that work well with our ambiance and decor. Accepted themes: Louisiana (scenery, people, animals, events), domesticated and/or livestock animals, textural (ex: wood), or Southern/Country.

  • By delivering your artwork to us to display in our space, you release us of all potential liabilities related to the damage of your artwork. Although very unlikely…theft, vandalism, and/or damage or any kind is possible and we do not assume liability.

  • If selling your art, all sales details must be handled between you and the buyer. Krimsey’s will not mediate. If your art sells, you must leave it hanging until the end of the display period, unless prior approval has been granted to remove the art early.