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From LA to L.A. - A 100% Woman-Owned Small Business

Founded by a Louisiana-native, "Krimsey's Cajun Kitchen" is a new take on traditional Cajun food, as our version is completely cholesterol-free. You don't have to ask what our best dishes are, because they're all the best! We keep our menu focused on classic Cajun dishes and delicious southern-inspired creations. Krimsey was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA. She is a former Petroleum Engineer with a Cajun food obsession who currently lives in Los Angeles with her rescue pit/lab, Kona. Our good voodoo doll, “Nola,” is a playful reminder that good voodoo is something that create for ourselves and each other, and that it’s always more fun when shared!


Our Krewe is comprised of some of the finest L.A. has to offer! Every day, they bring individual talents, unique perspectives, and exceptional skills to the table that make our place special. Meet some of our senior team members below! These “Well Seasoned” Krewe Members have been with us at least one year and serve as role models and leaders for the rest of the team, no matter what title they hold!



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Krimsey’s is committed to reducing our environmental impact. Not only through 100% plant-based meals, but also through our daily habits and practices in-store. View our full environmental policy here.


Krimsey's Cajun Kitchen is the world's first completely vegan Cajun restaurant and it's located in North Hollywood. The menu has traditional Cajun food, but is completely cholesterol free! It has all of the Cajun flavors that everybody loves and expects in a Cajun meal, minus the meat and dairy.

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