It's more than just a fluer-de-lis...the three points on the upper half of the fleur-de-lis represent what is most important to us (see below)!  Why is it tilted to the left?  Because that's the direction Krimsey headed when she made the move to Los Angeles.  Also, straight is boring. 


Taking control of the foods we eat has a tremendous effect on our health and on the planet that our children will inhabit.  Without significant change, we will keep suffering from avoidable diseases and deaths, and our Earth will continue to deteriorate with us.  I don't mean to get all serious on you, but for real--meat is killing us!


It is our stance that animals are not ours to use.  We cook without any animal products or byproducts in our foods, and we donate a percentage of our profits to animal rights organizations.  You gonna chop up your dog and eat your dog?...(huh?  click here)

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We create foods that are fun, filling, interesting, and inspiring!  We also like to laissez les bon temps roulez, so when you eat with us, you're eating with friends. Rowdy Cajun friends who like to eat, party, play, and [usually] drink.