Thanks for helping us grow!

We know that no one is perfect, and we're not the exception to that rule. However, we want to be our best for you so that you can work in an environment that is professional, supportive, and fun! By answering the questions here, you'll be helping us to improve.

Training I have received on how to do my job has been: *
Our restaurant's level of productivity is: *
Products I need to perform my job are: *
The equipment we work with is in good working condition: *
The way supplies and products are currently handled and used: *
For the work I do, my compensation and pay (including tips) is: *
How comfortable would you feel bringing a problem or concern directly to the attention of the owner(s)? *
My feelings about the Work Environment in general: *
My feelings about the Work Environment in general:
I like working here
The owner(s) cares about my well being
My co-workers set examples that encourage me to work hard
My hard work is noticed and recognized
Tardiness and absenteeism are handled fairly
The manager(s) and owner(s) make strong efforts towards improving the restaurant
If I had a friend looking for a job, I would recommend this restaurant as a place to work
My manager: *
My manager:
Is a good communicator
Is approachable about issues that bother me
Deals fairly with everyone
Always follows company policies
Is willing to jump in and work hard when we need help
Takes personal interest in my personal and professional growth
Does a good job of anticipating problems before they become serious
Understands the details of how this restaurant operates
Keeps his/her cool and doesn't lose his/her temper
Never uses profane or inappropriate language
Listens attentively to what others have to say
Takes initiative to get things done
Rarely blames others
Welcomes suggestions for improvement
Has strong values and lives by them
Overall, I enjoy working for my manager *
Please do not reveal any specific details that would personally identify you (in order to keep this survey anonymous)