In case you're wondering..."Sha" is a Cajun French term of endearment (also spelled "cher," but still pronounced like "Shaaaaaaaah").  So if I'm calling you "Sha," I love you. <3

Cajun food is BOMB and the world needs more of it (vegan, of course!).  I'm beyond pumped to get this blog going and share some fun recipes with my honorary Cajun friends!  By request, the first recipe on the blog is this SUPER simple Blackened Cajun Tempeh.

Blackened Cajun Tempeh

Makes 12 strips
 2 cups     vegetable broth
    8 oz     tempeh (1 standard package)
 ¼ cup     vegetable or olive oil  
  3 TBS    Cajun seasoning (I highly recommend that you use low sodium seasoning!)

For garnish    Lemon wedges 

For dipping     Go FULL CAJUN and make your own Hushpuppy Dipping Sauce (recipe below)!  

Hushpuppy Dipping Sauce

¼ cup    mustard
2 TBS    vegan mayonnaise
½ tsp     lemon juice
½ tsp     garlic granules
½ tsp     Tabasco sauce
¼ tsp     apple cider vinegar
Pinch of black pepper
Mix and serve! Can be refrigerated for up to two weeks. 


1" strips, cut in half width-wise

1.    Bring vegetable broth to a simmer in a sauce pan.  While broth is heating, cut tempeh into 1” strips, then chop thickness in half.  You should have about 12 pieces total. 

Simmering in vegetable broth

2.    Place tempeh strips into the pan and allow them to absorb the broth while on a simmer at medium heat. Cook until no liquid is left in pan (about 20 minutes).

3.    Remove tempeh from heat and place into a container with a lid.  Add remaining oil (2 TBS) to the container, then gently toss to coat tempeh strips. 

4.    Put the 3 TBS of Cajun spice on a small plate, then roll tempeh strips around in the spices to coat thoroughly. 

5.    Add 2 TBS of oil to the empty pan and return to stove top at medium-high heat.  (instructions continued below)

Coat those suckers in Cajun seasoning

6.    Once oil heated, cook tempeh for ~2 minutes on each side, or until a crispy black coat of seasoning forms around the tempeh!  If your stove-top heat is running a little high, it may take as little as 45 seconds to blacken. 

7.    Serve with sliced lemon and hushpuppy sauce!  If you don’t feel up to the challenge of messing with your own sauces…BBQ sauce, mustard, and ketchup also make great dips for this dish!  But don't be lazy, Sha <3