I work 8 days per week right now. However...  the. restaurant. is. SUCCEEDING!  We are about to complete our fourth month in business, and we have some exciting news in store regarding our growth.  :)  Stay tuned...

It's been a roller coaster thus far (to say the least), but I know it's all just part of the process.  Anyone who has ever opened a restaurant or started up their own businesses knows that it's nothing but work in the beginning.  But what keeps you going is the hope of achieving your dream and somehow making a difference.  My dream is to have people choose my restaurant over an omnivorous one simply because they like the food.  This sets them up to be more open-minded about choosing a lifestyle that doesn't involve killing animals for food.  Ya don't need to hurt other creatures in order to enjoy a meal!  Once a person sees this, the door cracks open a little bit...and a plant-based life doesn't seem so crazy after all. 

In other news, I turn 30 on Sunday!  We are having a party at the restaurant to celebrate, and I'm just mostly excited to have King Cake.  That along with our brownie beignets will be the death of me.  Hope to see you all at the party!

Thank you for your support <3