Most of the lessons have been surprising.  One of the craziest things...  how ruthless my fellow vegans can be sometimes.  I knew I'd get backlash from meat eaters in Louisiana, but dang.  I've been slammed for being white, for using disposable plates and cutlery (even though they're recyclable and/or compostable), for not serving beignets (yet), for not having enough gluten-free options, for using salt, for having a YouTube channel where I'm on camera being drunk...all from my fellow vegans!  WHAT DA HELL?!  I'm doing my best to start-up a restaurant, and it's not perfect.  I change things every day, but good lord--give me a break!  I'm doing the best I can.

I'm on a mission here, and it's not to please stuck-up vegans or to argue with hard-headed, angry bacon-lovers.  It's to reduce the number of animals being eaten, to change the meat-centered focus of traditional Cajun culture, and to provide flavorful, filling, plant-based cuisine to anyone who wants it!  Every time a skeptical omnivore comes in and ends up raving about the food, that mission is being fulfilled. 

In other news, business is great!  The Cajun Vegan Cookbook is on back order already, we can't keep jambalaya mix in stock, and I keep having to add more staff.  I feel so fortunate to already have a customer base that wants us to succeed! Thank you for backing me on this mission!  Your support is priceless.