About Krimsey's

From LA to L.A.

Founded by a Louisiana-native, "Krimsey's Cajun Kitchen" is a new take on traditional Cajun food, as our version is completely cholesterol-free.  Our menu is small, because we are focused on authenticity and flavor.  You don't have to ask what our best dishes are, because they're all the best.

Kristen "Krimsey" Ramsey was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA.  She is a former Petroleum Engineer with a Cajun food obsession who currently lives in Los Angeles with her rescue pit/lab, Kona.


"Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen: The Nation’s First Restaurant to Veganize Cajun Classics" - by Tanya Flink, Organic Authority, Sept 2017

"Damn Good Food" - by Troy Farmer, Mooshooes; July 2017

"The Valley’s New Vegan Cajun Joint Proves There’s Something For Everyone in LA" - by Farley Elliott, EaterLA; February 2017